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One click and you're done. The HK 55, HKC 55 and HK 85 Festool circular saws can easily be connected to the FSK cross-cutting guide rails, which are available in three different lengths of 250 mm, 420 mm or 670 mm. In just a few steps, this produces a portable and easy-to-use compound mitre saw system for accurate and precisely angled cutting. The HK 55, HKC 55 and HK 85 portable circular saws can be easily connected to the cross-cutting guide rail to form a single unit, by means of a quick fastener Efficient cross cuts due to quick placement on the workpiece Cutting length of 670 mm makes it suitable for trimming OSB floorboards as well Right-angled cross cuts with repeat accuracy thanks to precision guide Retract function returns the saw to start position after sawing Splinter guard for splinter-free cuts Adhesive cushion strip protects the workpiece surface from being damaged Slideway lining for easy movement of the machine on the trimming rails connectible cross-cutting guide rail system for angle cuts with repeat accuracy Secure fixing to workpieces thanks to fastening clamp which can be conveniently attached to the groove in the cross cutting guide rail flexibly adjustable mitre angle locking positions make the quick setting of the most important angles easier