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Glenn Lucas DVD. Sharpening Techniques

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Glenn Lucas DVD. Sharpening Techniques
  • Glenn Lucas is well known as a top production turner; he has analyzed every process he uses in his production and has refined each aspect in an effort to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted time and effort. This DVD includes Glenn’s techniques used for sharpening, the equipment he uses, right on down to his own cutting techniques.

    In this video, Glenn clearly explains what tools he uses, how to sharpen them using today’s popular sharpening systems, along with a concise explanation of proper settings and benefits offered by each. Glenn also discusses proper free-hand sharpening techniques and when they are best used. 

    In addition to demonstrating how to sharpen his own tools, Glenn also covers sharpening other woodturning tools that he doesn’t frequently use, but are popular among woodturners today. 

    If you struggle with sharpening, this video is well worth a look.
  • 65 min.

  • Sharpening Systems: Overview
  • Bowl and Spindle Gouges
  • Oneway Wolverine Settings
  • Woodcut Tru-Grind Settings
  • Tormek Settings
  • Sorby Pro-Edge Settings