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Key Features

Primarily designed to grip the base (foot) of footed bowls Three steps with an optimum grip size of 42mm, 50mm, and 64mm Expanding dovetail can hold bowls up to 300mm in diameter and expands into a recess between 77.5mm and 97.5mm diameter Bowl foot gripping range from 41.5mm to 83.5mm diameter Square timber between 30mm and 66mm The primary purpose of these step jaws is to grip in the contracting mode onto the base (foot) of footed bowls. The step sizes provide optimum gripping for three-foot sizes with minimal crush damaged wood. The optimum step sizes are 42mm, 50mm, and 64mm. Of course, there is plenty of adjustment. There is also an expanding dovetail made for alternative recess gripping of bowls. Can hold bowls up to 300mm in diameter.

The jaw expands into a recess between 77.5mm and 97.5mm in diameter.

When gripping onto the foot of a bowl the range is 41.5mm to 83.5mm in diameter.

These jaws will also hold square stock between 30mm and 66mm.


Expands Internal - 77.5 to 9 7.5 mm

Expands External - 41.5 to 83.5 mm

Square Section - 30 to 66 mm Jaw Type JS75DT