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Free-standing table for workshop use with precision engineered components to deliver high quality, consistent and accurate results. Featuring an extra-large surface area, it is perfect for Panel Raising, Templating and Batch Cutting applications with wider and longer stock. Steel Frame Construction designed for stability, durability, portability & easy router access. Extra Large Phenolic Table provides an ultra-durable, stable and flat surface for friction-free feeding of stock. NVR Power Safety Switch allows safe operation from the table edge across a wide range of routers. 68mm Extra-Deep Adjustable Fence offers excellent support for a range of material thicknesses and keeps accessories within easy reach. Precision Aluminium Fence Extrusion with a wide base, ensures perfect squareness of the facings to the table for accurate routing. Adjustable Melamine Fence Facings with durable, smooth surfaces for easy and safe stock feeding. 57mm Dust Extraction Port provides high volume extraction to optimise safety, cut quality and accuracy. 6.35mm Anodised Aluminium Router Plate prevents deflection and sagging when heavy routers are fitted. Trend Base Configuration (TBC) features 3 screw holes for easy, direct mounting of Trend and other compatible routers. Router Plate Levelling Screws around the perimeter of the router plate, to perfectly adjust the infeed and outfeed and prevent stock from snagging. Router Raiser Aperture allows the cutter height to be easily and safely adjusted from above the table (with Trend T11 & T14 routers). x7 Insert Rings support stock transition past the cutter and maximise safety. Feather Boards apply even vertical and horizontal pressure to the stock as it passes the cutter. Mitre Fence with adjustable and indexed positions to create perfect angled cuts. Transparent Cutter Guard allows users to see the stock progression while keeping fingers away from the cutter. T-Slot Accessory Track for secure & flexible positioning of feather boards & guards. Jointing and Planing facility for straightening and planing stock. Lead-On Starter Pin for safe templating and curved work with bearing guided cutters and is stored on the fence for safe keeping. Tall Fence Locking Knobs with user-friendly, oversized grips that sit above the fence for easy operation and prevention of knuckle injuries. Top Tape Scale with metric & imperial graduations for stopped cuts and repeat settings. Push Stick with ergonomic, long reach handle to safely slide thinner stock past the cutter and is stored on the frame for easy access. Cable Cleats keep power cable secure, safe and tidy. Height-Adjustable Feet align the table perfectly to the workbench surface.