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Trend High Performance Brushless Motor –Longer motor life, More power, More run time

60mm Plunge Depth - Deepest plunge depth on the market increases range of cutters and applications
Dual Bases - Plunge and Trim base options for a wide range of applications including Trend trade hinge jigs
Guide Bush Centralising Feature - For accuracy and precision when using jigs and templates
Trend Base Configuration - Direct fit for Trend guide bushes for increased range of routing applications
Variable Speed Motor - Controlled cutting on materials including hard and soft woods, sheet materials, laminates and plastics
Micro-adjustable Depth Setting - For precision jointing and inlaying tasks
Quick Release Plunge Lock – For fast and controlled plunge routing
Extended Trim Base – Elongated base plate for controlled offset pressure to prevent tipping
Adjustable Depth Stop – Adjustable collar on depth post for fast repeatable cutting depths
Multi Slit 1/4in ER Collet – Double lock safety feature for concentric gripping and maximum cutter shank support
Twin LED Lights – Built in LED’s illuminates the work area for finer control and accuracy
Safety on/off Switch – safety switch locks the router to prevent accidental operation
Dust Kit – Extraction adapter kit to help capture harmful dust particles
Side Fence – For grooving and moulding in from an edge