10mm Parabolic HSS COLT DRILL BIT 150mm

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The Rotur 10mm Tin Coated Drill is specifically designed for drilling blanks for the Rotur Pen Kits. It features a titanium nitride (TiN) coating, which helps to increase the durability and longevity of the drill bit. This coating also helps reduce friction and heat buildup, improving the drilling performance.

The long series design of this drill bit allows for deeper drilling, making them ideal for use in pen making and other woodworking projects. The precision-ground tip ensure accurate hole drilling, while the shank design is compatible with most drill chucks, making it easy to use with a variety of drilling machines.

If you are a pen maker or woodworker looking for reliable and high-quality drill bits for drilling pen blanks, the Rotur Tin Coated Drills are an excellent choice. It provides a range of diameters and a durable coating for consistent and accurate drilling.