5/16" LIP & SPUR DRILL BIT - Long Series 600mm

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Measures 5/16″ x 24″ (8mm x 600mm)
Long Series Lip and Spur Drill Bit
Easily bore long holes for lamp cables

Measuring 5/16″ x 24″, the Rotur Long Series Lip and Spur Drill Bit is ideal for Lamp making. You can easily bore long holes for cables. The Rotur Hollow Rotating centre and the Counterbore Drive Centre work very well with this bit. 24″ overall length x 5/16″ width, 6″ long flute. Supplied in a plastic sleeve with a euro slot.

The Rotur Long Series Lip and Spur Drill Bit is the preferred type of cutting tip for drilling wood thanks to a steeper helix angle than standard drill bits. It also has deeper flutes for rapid clearance of waste. This enables the drill to cut quickly and cleanly. The brad point tip ensures straight and accurate drilling while the sharp spurs leave a clean edge by reducing grain tear-out.