Cabinet Scrapers

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Manufactured from flexible, high quality steel, and polished
They have good edge retention and are re-sharpenable
Includes Rectangle, Concave/Convex, and Kidney scrapers


The Planet Cabinet Scraper Set is a must-have tool kit for woodworkers, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts who seek precision and high-quality results in their woodworking projects. The set includes three different cabinet scrapers made from flexible and durable steel. The scrapers are polished to give a smooth finish.

The set includes three different shaped scrapers: a rectangle, a concave/convex scraper, and a kidney-shaped scraper. The scrapers are designed to remove wood shavings and other materials from surfaces, leaving them smooth and even. They have excellent edge retention, and they are re-sharpenable, meaning you can keep them sharp and in optimal condition for longer.

The rectangle scraper is ideal for flat surfaces, while the concave/convex scraper is perfect for creating curved shapes and contours. The kidney-shaped scraper is useful for tight curves and intricate designs. The scrapers are easy to use, requiring only a bit of pressure to remove material, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced woodworkers.

Overall, the Planet Cabinet Scraper Set is an excellent investment for anyone who works with wood and wants to achieve a smooth and professional finish in their projects. It is an essential tool kit that should be in the toolbox of any woodworker or DIY enthusiast who values precision and quality.