Decorating Elf Texturing Tool HS900 & Bits

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This unique tool was originally designed by William Hudson (USA), known to his friends as the Turning Elf – hence the product name. Now manufactured in England by Henry Taylor Tools, this tool produces some excellent effects on both faceplate and spindle work. Woodturners who produce boxes will find this tool invaluable for surface decoration and it can be combined with colouring followed by liming wax or burning effects. The ergonomically profiled handle is made from stained beech with a solid brass shaft that is inserted into the body for 100mm(4") to add weight and feel to the overall design. The brass body has two sealed (maintenance-free) bearings inserted to support the cutting tool. The bearings retain a rare earth magnet that prevents the cutter from disappearing into the shavings on the floor. The Decorating Elf is supplied with an 8mm (5/16") HSS ball cutter. To increase the range of effects a cylindrical cutter and a bud-shaped cutter are available as optional extras. Also in the pack is a Natural Hogs Hair Burnishing Brush, which is a key component in producing a clean and crisp pattern. The concept in using the Decorating Elf is that there is no need to use abrasive materials (the instruction sheet tells you how). The brush not only cleans and removes fibres but also burnishes the surface – ready to take the finish of your choice. We think that this really is a great tool and we are looking forward to seeing some of the work you produce using it. To further extend the range of possible designs available to you, two extra cutters are available. Fabulous patterns can be achieved using the HSS Cylinder Cutter’s end face or the side face. The bud cutter again adds another dimension to the array of patterns that can be achieved with the Decorating Elf. N.B. Replacement ball cutter and burnishing brush are available to purchase separately.