Hand Polishing Brush

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Buffing waxes with a brush will always give a more resilient finish – a good brush will ensure an even coverage of the wax and reduce any build up that could be easily damaged.

The special bristle in the Hand Polishing Brush has been selected to do exactly this, ensuring that a bright glow is achieved quickly and easily with the minimum effort from the user – although, obviously, some work is needed! The brush does have a handle attached to prevent too many bashed knuckles though.

If the bristles of the brush become clogged with wax (which means you’re putting too much wax on, so use less!) simply wash them in warm soapy water to remove the wax and allow the brush to dry before using it again.

The Hand Polishing Brush is very hard wearing and long lasting, a worthwhile investment for anyone having lots of waxed items who wants to achieve the best hand powered finish possible.