Hemp Rope

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  • Natural & Eco-friendly: Our rope is made up of bio-degradable jute, preserving the natural look of jute and is very decorative, and also quite environmentally friendly.
  • DIY Crafts Rope: The rope is perfect for making or repairing cat scratch posts and giving your lovely cat a good time, decorating flower pots or chandeliers, making hanging baskets or rugs, hanging heavy art crafts, etc. Good choice for any application that wants a rustic look.
  • Practical Garden Helper: The natural rope is great for many garden uses, such as tying up plants/shrubs/trunks, supporting heavy stems and climbing plants, or stringing things up in the garden.
  • Multi-functional Rope: It is an adaptable rope, widely used for home and garden decorations, wrapping pipes/stair railings/furniture legs, covering handles, wall hangings, packaging, recycling or shipping applications.