Kreg. Easy-Set Pocket Hole Drill Bit (KPHA300)

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The Easy-Set Pocket-Hole Drill Bit is the same 3⁄8"-diameter stepped bit that comes with Kreg® 300-Series Pocket-Hole Jigs. If you have a worn bit, or if you want to add another bit to your pocket-hole tool collection, this is the perfect choice. This bit works with materials from 1⁄2" to 1 1⁄2" thick, and features engraved markings for 1⁄2", 3⁄4", and 1 1⁄2" materials to match up with the Easy-Set Stop Collar. A 1⁄4" hex shank fits standard quick-change chucks. Compatible with all Kreg Pocket-Hole Jigs.