Pen Insert Cigar Pen Kit Chrome (Pack of 1)

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The Rotur Cigar pen kit is a stylish and weighty pen. Black accents above the nib and centre ring section set apart the colour of your pen blank. With a simple turn, the twist mechanism smoothly extends and retracts the refill. The kit is designed to turn on the Rotur pen mandrels. Gold-plated 24ct and Chrome versions are available.

Prepare the pen blank by drilling a 10mm hole with the Rotur TDHSS10SET.  This drill set includes a 9.8, 9.9, and 10mm drill because in softer timbers the hole drilled can end up being too big for the brass tube. By starting with the 9.8mm drill, you ensure a good fit with the brass tube and don’t risk wasting blanks.

After glueing the brass tubes in place, trim the excess timber at both ends of the tube by using the 9.1mm trimming tool shaft (PBTS0910) with the 25mm Trimming tool head (PBT25).  Then use the Rotur Cigar bushing kit (CIGBKIT) to support the blank on the pen mandrel.

The Rotur Cigar Pen bushing kit can be used with the Rotur Pen mandrels and makes it easy to turn big pen kits like the Cigar pen.  You don’t need to measure any parts of the pen kit, simply turn the blank down to the wide part of the bushing.