Pen Mandrel & Support Centre Kit

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  • Creates custom pens of various sizes
  • Includes bushings, spacers, cones, lock-nut kit, and instructions
  • Sturdy, adjustable mandrel for turning one or two pen parts at a time


The Rotur Universal Pen Mandrel Kit is a high-quality and versatile tool that allows you to create custom pens of various sizes. It includes a sturdy and durable mandrel with an adjustable shaft that allows you to turn one or two pen parts at a time. The kit also comes with a set of bushings that provide precision and stability during the pen-turning process, as well as spacers for 7mm pen kits and cones to accept larger pen kits.

In addition, the Rotur Universal Pen Mandrel Kit comes with a lock-nut kit for larger blanks, ensuring that your pen stays securely in place during the turning process. The kit is made in the UK from high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity, making it an excellent investment for anyone interested in pen making.

With detailed instructions and tips included, both novice and experienced pen makers can easily use the Rotur Universal Pen Mandrel Kit to create custom writing instruments that are both beautiful and functional. Overall, this kit is an essential tool for anyone interested in taking their pen-making skills to the next level.