Pen Turning Kit (Delux) Blue MT1

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High quality kit for pen turning professionals in the UK.
Unique quarter-turn action and dust-free Brass Collet design.
Includes Mandrel, accessories, and Rotur Ultima Gold Pen Kits.

The Rotur Deluxe Colleted Pen Turning Kit is a comprehensive tool kit designed and manufactured in the UK for pen-turning professionals. It features the Colleted Pen Mandrel with a unique quarter-turn action for precise clamping and a dust-free Brass collet design to prevent debris accumulation. The kit also includes a range of essential accessories, such as a pen blank trimming tool, tin-coated HSS drill bits, pen bushings, 10mm cones, and a set of Rotur Ultima Gold Slimline 7mm Pen Kits.

Additionally, the kit comes with a brass nut and locking nut, a spanner, an allen key, tommy bar, instructions, and a portable storage case. With this kit, you have everything you need to start creating high-quality, handmade pens with ease and accuracy. The Rotur Deluxe Colleted Pen Turning Kit is a perfect choice for those who demand precision and quality in their pen-turning projects.

The Rotur Deluxe Colleted Pen Turning Kit includes:

Deluxe Colleted Pen Mandrel
7mm Pen Blank Trimming Tool
6.8, 6.9, and 7mm Tin-Coated HSS drill bits
5x Rotur Ultima Gold Slimline 7mm Pen Kits
3 Spacers/7mm pen bushings
4x 7-12mm Cones
Brass nut and Locking nut
Spanner, Allen key and Tommy bar
Portable storage case