Pen Turning Kit (Green)

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Portable pen turning kit with mandrel for one or two pen parts.
Includes essential components and tools for easy assembly.
Made in the UK for novice and experienced pen makers.

The Rotur Original Pen Turning Kit is a complete and portable kit for pen making. It features the popular Universal Original Pen Mandrel and accessories, packed in a sturdy carrying case. Made in the UK, the kit includes a mandrel that can turn one or two pen parts at a time and is suitable for most pen kits. It also includes a trimming tool, drill bits, pen kits, bushings, cones, and other essential components, as well as a spanner, Allen keys, and Tommy bar for easy assembly. This comprehensive kit is perfect for both novice and experienced pen makers and provides everything needed to create custom pens in a variety of styles.

The Rotur Original Pen Turning Kit includes:

Universal Original Pen Mandrel
7mm Pen Blank Trimming Tool
6.8, 6.9, and 7mm Tin-Coated HSS drill bits
5x Rotur Ultima Gold Slimline 7mm Pen Kits
3 Spacers/7mm pen bushings
4x 7-12mm Cones
Brass nut and Locking nut
Spanner, Allen keys and Tommy bar
Portable storage case