Spax Screws

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 Wide range of applications for true universal use.


  • YELLOX achieves corrosion protection that is more than 6 times greater than  that offered by blue zinc plating at the same surface thickness
  • YELLOX is free of chrome(VI) and thus far more environmentally friendly than  conventional surfaces, both during manufacturing and usage
  • 4CUT: allows screwing in without pre-drilling (wood-dependent), reduces  splitting as the square end displaces the fibers
  • ground serrations: up to the point – quick and secure fastening
  • MULTI Head: flush countersinking
  • mills in wood and stops on metal


  • no pre-drilling (wood-dependent)
  • quick and safe fastening with reduced driving in torque (more screwed  connections per battery charge)
  • effectively reduces splitting of the wooden material, even when close to the  edge
  • multifunctional applications indoors